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School programs at OAG are both fun and educational. Guided tours and workshops are designed with the Ontario and Quebec curricula in mind, and tailored to suit the needs and interests of each group. Our passionate and skillful guides strive to create a unique and memorable experience that will broaden students’ perspectives on the world through intellectual inquiry and tactile exploration.

GUIDED TOURS: 45 – 60 minutes
Come prepared with your curiosity for an exploration of OAG’s exhibitions lead by one of our experienced gallery educators. Questions and the sharing of ideas are highly encouraged! Cost: Tours are always free

Designed to be stimulating investigations of the ideas and materials in the exhibitions. Cost: $3 per student.

TOUR + WORKSHOP COMBO: 90 – 120 minutes
Designed to be stimulating investigations of the ideas and materials in the exhibitions. Cost: $3 per student.

Tours and workshops are available in English, French, or a combination of both.

Bookings must be made at least three weeks prior to the date of a guided tour or workshop visit.


All material will be provided.

FACE-TO-FACE: If you could present yourself to the world in your truest form, what would this person look like? Inspired by the exhibition Facing Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore, students explore the concept of the alter ego by creating self-portraits through writing, drawing and mixed media. (High School)

COLLECTING STORIES: Come together and tell us the story of your classroom. Prompted by themes in the exhibition Inaabiwin, students will create artworks inspired by how we as individuals relate to our communities. In this spirit, their creations will be brought together to create a larger artwork imbued with the personality of each participant. (Elementary)

GROUND WORK This workshop highlights Joyce Frances Devlin, an important woman artist in the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art. Students will examine Devlin’s use of brightly coloured painting grounds, and experiment with this approach to create their own two-dimensional composition. (All ages)

(RE)MAPPING PLACE High School students will discover pre-colonial Anishinaabe mapmaking traditions, and learn to deconstruct the authority of colonial maps by creatively (re)mapping their neighborhood or city using various art materials. (High School)

SUPERHERO PLANT TRADING CARDS Elementary students will learn about the medicinal properties or ‘superpowers’ of local plants, and the importance of place and traditional knowledge in Métis culture. Kids will create trading cards featuring plants with powers that reflect their own. (Elementary)


Can’t make it to the Gallery? OAG’s gallery educators make in-class visits! They come to you equipped with reproductions and all the materials needed for an engaging creative workshop.

ERIC WALKER: ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE Artist Eric Walker uses materials found on construction sites to create collages depicting the industrial world. Inspired by his method, students will create a collage with found materials, to discover that inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. (All ages)

MICHÈLE PROVOST: DARN LOGOS Consider your relationship to logos and consumer culture. Do you augment your identity by purchasing these goods? Taking inspiration from multimedia artist Michèle Provost, students will alter familiar logos to express their own unique identity. (High School)




A visit to the OAG is an opportunity to learn about and connect with artistic practices from the National Capital Region. Here are a few tips to prepare students for their visit:

  • Discuss the location, how will you get there, the kinds of activities they’ll enjoy, and what they will see at the gallery.
  • Visiting an art gallery means respecting the artworks on display. Let students know that they will need to be careful in the gallery and keep a distance from the artworks, unless an educator invites them to touch or interact with a specific piece.
  • Let students know that art galleries are spaces for sharing ideas. When learning and talking about art, it’s important for students to listen to the opinions of others, express their own ideas and keep an open mind.
  • Finally, encourage students to participate and have fun!

For more information, please contact education@oaggao.ca 

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